Beside my own homeproduced HotChili-Mike's sauces,
these are some of my favorite sauces in alphabetic order:

Alabama Sunshine - XXX Hot Special Black Label, Red Savina Hot Sauce
CaJohns Fiery Foods - CaBoom! Heart's Afire Gourmet Sauce
CaJohns Fiery Foods - Krakatoa! Habanero Mash
Chile Addict - Thermonuclear Meltdown 4 Pepper Hot Sauce
El Chivo - Creamy Ghost Pepper & Herbs
Gil's Gourmet Gallery - Crying Tongue Hot Sauce
Gil's Gourmet Gallery - Red Savina Hot Pepper Puré
Hot Headz - Toxic Waste - 6.4 M SHU - Chiliextrakt
Madeira Beach Mad Pepper Co. - "Red Hot" Habanero Mash
Macdaddy's - Habanero Sauce Hot! Hot! Hot!
Marie Sharp's - Red Hornet Sauce - Lava Heat
Priamo J. Gamboa O. - El Yucateco XXXtra Hot Sauce Salsa Kutbil-ik de Chile Habanero
R. E. Foods - Religious Experience Apocalypse Habanero Hot
RnT Spices, Inc. - Red Euphoria - Red-Savina Garlic Sauce
Salsa Tamazula - Valentina Salsa Picante - Muy Picante
Sanctuary Much, Inc. - 911 Hot Sauce
South Side Pepper Company - Screamin' Demon
Suncoast Peppers Inc. - Belligerent Blaze
Suncoast Peppers Inc. - Liquid Ax
Wild Bill Hickory, Inc. - Habanero Hot Sauce With A Half Life