What I like and what I dislike

I like these three kinds of chile sauces:

1. REALLY HOT NATURAL CHILE SAUCES, especially habanero sauces there the habanero not is too diluted with a lot of other stuff.

2. PURE CHILE SAUCES and chile pastes, there the character of the chile pepper is possible to identify (e.g. habanero, jalapeno, cayenne, pri-piri). It is okey if there is a little herbs or spices which only pronounce (but not masks) the chile character.

3. FRUITY CHILE SAUCES. They are okey, also if they are rather mild, as long as there is a harmony between the fruit and the chile pepper. They are often excellent as steak or bbq sauces.

I don't like these five kinds of chile sauces:

1. VINEGAR that is coloured with a little chile pepper (e.g. Tabasco).

2. Chile sauces which only taste SALT as soon as one pour a few ounces of them over a serving of food.

3. KETCHUP which they put a little chile pepper in and sell as a chile sauce.

4. SYRUP with a few chile flakes in it (e.g. Thai Sweet Chili Sauce). Terrible!.

5. Capsain EXTRACTS with only a lot of heat and no taste of chile pepper. (They can however be used as an additive to get more heat, even if the don't contribute in any other positive way to the taste.)