Ashman Manufacturing and Distributing Co., Inc.

USA, Virginia


Jimmy's Deathwish Habañero Sauce (5 fl. oz.)

Tasted 1999
A rather hot sauce with a taste of vinegar, cayenne pepper and a little habañero.
Much like "Tabasco Sauce", but hotter.
Why is it called habañero sauce when it taste more cayenne than habañero?
This sauce is rather good on eggs.
A one-serving-bottle.


Pass Out Habañero Head Mash Hot Sauce (5 fl. oz.)

Tasted 1999
A hot sauce with a very special taste.
The first impression is a sweet aromatic fruitiness, followed by vinegar and a hint of garlic and after a few more seconds comes the heat.
It is not possible to identify any habañero flavour in this sauce as the peculiar fruitiness is masking all subtle flavours.
I don't know which kinds of food to use this odd sauce with. This is not one of my favorites.
One bottle is hot enough for 1 or 2 servings.