Gil's Gourmet Gallery

USA, California


Gil's Crying Tongue Hot Sauce (5 fl. oz. / 148 ml)

Tasted 1999
A rather hot sauce with a smoky taste of tomatoes, garlic, habanero and lemon.
The first impression is of a smoke flavoured ketchup, then follows a fruity and smoky
habanero flavour wich is quickly followed by a great fresh heat.
Lovely taste and perfect heat! Absolutely one of my favorite sauces!
Use it with all kinds of grilled or fried food.
Also good on egg sandwiches.
One bottle is just enough for one serving of food.


Gil's Red Savina Hot Pepper Purée (4 oz.)

Tasted 1999
A very hot sauce with a smoky taste of habanero, vinegar and salt.
This sauce is made with roasted red savina and has a very fine almost smoky habanero flavour.
The perfect egg sauce and also perfect with most other food.
Mix it with cream cheese to get a hot spread or a dip sauce.
One jar is enough for 2 - 3 servings.