Hot Sauce Harry's

USA, Texas


Habanero (5 fl. oz. / 148 ml)

Tasted 1999
A rather hot sauce with a taste of carrots, vinegar, garlic, lime and habanero.
Fresh taste with a well balanced acidity and a fair heat level.
A good allround habanero sauce.
One bottle is enough for one or two servings of food.


Peach 'N Pepper Gourmet Hot Sauce (5 fl. oz. / 148 ml)

Tasted 1999
A medium hot sauce with a sweet taste of onions, salt, peaches and chile pepper.
The taste would have been very nice if it had not been so salty.
All other flavours are drowning in salt and you can not use more than a few tablespoons of sauce in one serving of food.
That is not enough to add heat and flavour, but it is more than enough to make you very thirsty.