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Samyang, Buldak - Hot Chicken Flavouring Sauce (200 g)

Tasted 2023
A rather mild sauce, which opens with flavours of onion and chicken,
followed by a nice but rather mild heat.
On bottle = one serving (if you want a little heat).
Very tasty on pasta dishes.


Samyang, Buldak - Hot Chicken Flavouring Sauce, Extremely Spicy (200 g)

Tasted 2023
The first impression is a little chicken flavour and a little chili flavour, followed by a distinct sweet onion taste.
After a few seconds comes a big heat and an almost bitter taste of chili extract.
The heat is long and lasting, and an aftertaste of chili and onions remanis on the palet for a long time.
This is a rather nice sauce, despite being made with chili extract.
Use 1-2 teaspoons on an egg sandwich, or 1 tablespoon on a serving of other food if you like it hot.