McIlhenny Co.

USA, Louisiana


McIlhenny Co., Tabasco Brand Habanero Sauce (60 ml)

Tasted 2004
Rather hot and tasty sauce with a sweet touch and enough acid to give a good
balance to the taste. Nice fruitiness of mango and a little banana combined
with a distinct habanero aroma makes this sauce a real surprice after tasting
the previous sauces from McIlhenny Co.
Perfect for egg sandwiches!
One bottle is enough for 2 or 3 egg sandwiches.


McIlhenny Co., Tabasco Brand Jalapeno Sauce (60 ml)

Tasted several times (1998 - )
Some kind of green vinegar, almost no heat.
Can't even use it in salad dressing.


McIlhenny Co., Tabasco Brand Pepper Sauce (60 ml)

Tasted several times (1974 - )
A bad joke for a chile sauce. More vinegar than chile pepper.
You need to use at least 2 oz in one serving to get a small trace of heat,
and that will make the food tast nothing but vinegar.