Outerbridge Peppers Ltd.



Outerbridges Original, Royal Full Hot Rum Peppers Sauce (5 fl. oz. / 148 ml)

Tasted 2000
A medium hot, very odd sauce with a taste of rum,
spices (too much allspice) and chile peppers.
Best used as a marinade for meat or dark poultry.
One bottle has heat enough for one or two servings of food,
but allspice enough for twenty servings.


Outerbridge's Original, Sherry Pepper Sauce (5 fl. oz.)

Tasted 1999
A medium hot, very special sauce with a smoky taste of sherry, thyme and chile peppers.
A very long aftertaste of sherry and herbs.
Perfect with all kinds of grilled and fried meat and dark poultry,
also an excellent marinade for shrimps, prawns and lobster.


Outerbridges Original, Sherry Rum Peppers Sauce (5 fl. oz. / 148 ml)

Tasted 2000
A nice, rather mild, but very odd hot sauce, with a taste of sherry,
rum, spices (cloves/allspice) and chile pepper.
Perfect for marinating shrimps and other seafood.
Or pour the whole bottle in a glass and drink it with your seafood.
One bottle = one serving.