Peppertown USA

USA, California


Pepper Girl Brand, Bad Girls in Heat (5 fl. oz. / 147 ml)

Tasted 1999
A medium hot sauce with a sweet taste of papaya, onion, raisins, habanero and lime.
Very fruity and fresh taste with a good balance between sweetness, acidity and heat.
Perfect with most kinds of food, except eggs.
One bottle = one serving.


Spring Garden Hot Sauce (5 fl. oz. / 147 ml)

Tasted 2000
A less than medium hot sauce with a taste of onion, basil, lime, cucumber and habanero.
Rather mild, but one of the best mild chilesauces I have tasted so far.
The taste is fresh with a pronounced flavour of basil and onion in perfect harmony
with all the other ingredients and a nice sting of habanero heat.
I finished the whole bottle without any food, but it would have been perfect with seafood.
A one-serving-bottle.