Tahiti Joe's Polynesian Hot Sauces

USA, Florida


Kumawanakilya XXX Hot Pepper Sauce (5 fl. oz. / 147 ml)

Tasted 1999
A rather hot sauce with a taste of honey, tomatoes, lime, garlic and habanero.
The first impression is rather fruity and dominated by tomatoes and a flavour of honey (but not sweet),
After a few seconds comes the flavours of garlic and habanero followed by a good burning heat.
Use this sauce with all kinds of food.
One bottle is enough for 2 or 3 servings.


Volcano Ahi X Hot Sauce - "Explosive Heat" (5 fl. oz. / 147 ml)

Tasted 1999
A medium hot sauce with a rather sweet taste of honey, chile peppers, vegetable juice, onions, vinegar, spices and a hint of cheese.
An extremely tasty and very special sauce which goes well with most kinds of food and is perfect with poultry.
Or just drink it as it is because it is so damn tasty!
I don't even think it is nessesary to tell you that this is a "one-serving-bottle".
One gallon bottles would be a much better size for this sauce!