Cajun Rush

USA, Louisiana


Cajun Rush Infinite Heat Hot X (147 ml)

Tasted 2001
A very hot sauce with a fresh taste of peppers, vinegar, garlic and salt,
which lasts only for one or two seconds before the taste is dominated by
the bitterness of capsain extract and heat.
Rather good on egg sandwiches, despite the capsain extract.
One bottle = enough for 6 egg sandwiches or 3 - 4 servings of other food.


Monica's Down On Your Knees Hot Sauce (147 ml)

Tasted 1999
A mild sauce with a sweet taste of mustard, honey, dill(?), chile peppers and spices.
A lot of taste but not much heat. Nice on hot dogs and on bacon.
One bottle is not enough to heat up one serving of food.