J. J. Peppers, Inc.

USA, Florida


Experiment #10 - You Are The Guinea Pig (10 oz.)

Tasted 1999
A very hot sauce with a taste of tomatoes, mustard, habanero and spices.
There is no freshness in the taste and more taste of capsain than of habanero.
Not one of my favorites.
One bottle is hot enough for 8 - 12 servings of food.


Experiment # 13 - The One That Turned Green (10 oz.)

Tasted 2000
A rather mild but very acid sauce.
Fresh jalapeno flavour, a light touch of onions and garilc
and enough lime and vinegar to totally destory the sauce.
The jalapeno flavour is drowning in acids.
Best used as marinade, but too acid to be used as a pour over sauce.


Hickory Havoc (10 oz.)

Tasted 2000
Rather mild with a full, rich and smoky taste.
Chipotle peppers, apple, garlic, a light sweetness and a hint of habanero.
Really lovely!
Use it as pour over sauce or marinade with poltry and meat.
One bottle is enough for 3 - 4 servings.