the Purple Pepper

USA, Florida


Orange Krush - The Habanero Sauce (5 fl. oz.)

Tasted 1999
A rather hot sauce with a taste of mustard, vinegar, celery, habanero, allspice and other spices.
There is a bitterness in the taste, that is rather disturbing.
This is not one of my favorite sauces.
One bottle is hot enough for 2 - 3 servings of food.


Rectal Rocket Fuel - Island Jerk Hot Sauce (5 oz.)

Tasted 1999
A rather hot sauces with a taste that is dominated by spices and lime,
which almost masks the flavour of habanero.
The very rich and intense taste combined with a good heat level makes this sauce
very well suited for use with all kinds of fried, deepfried or grilled poultry and meat.
One bottle = one serving (or 2 - 3 egg sandwiches).


Solar Flare - Herbed Habanero-Jalapeno Hot Sauce (147 ml)

Tasted 1999
A rather hot sauce with a taste of tomatillos, jalapenos, thyme and black pepper.
First comes a fresh, green fruitiness and a bouquet of herbs and after a few seconds follows
an intense heat which is dominated by blackpepper. Not much trace of the habanero.
Rather odd taste, but very good on seafood and on eggs.
One bottle = one serving.


Widow - No Survivors (147 ml)

Tasted 1999
A very hot sauce with a bitter taste of capsain, tomato, allspice and chile pepper.
The bitterness and the capsain extract is dominating tha taste and masking the flavours of chile peppers.
Rather useless.
Use this sauce only to add heat to your food and use other sauces to add chile pepper flavour.
The heat in one bottle is enough for 12 - 15 servings of food.