Food, food, food and more food...
at my in-law's home in Ban Nong Thai.

September 2007 - January 2008

(2007-09-17) Dinner the first evening at the home of Waritsaras parents.

(2007-09-18) Waritsara is preparing the lunch the second day...

...consisting of fried fish, Som Tam (papaya salad), vegetables,
Nam Prik (chili sauce) and Nam Prik Bpla (chile peppers in fish sauce).

My father-in-law, Natee, at the lunch table.

This hammock became my favorite place between the meals.

My mother-in-law, Vilaivan, cooking supper...

...consisting of Lab Moo (minced pork), Hoi (mussels), Som Tam and chilis in different forms.

(2007-09-19) Oh, oh, oh so much food... for breakfast.

Kanåm-Djin (noodles) with vegetables and chili.

We inspect the family's rice fields...

...where there is also ponds there the fish gather in the dry season...

...and mango trees.

Satisfied and happy after supper.

(2007-09-20) And then it is time for lunch...

...with a lot of tasty small dishes, as usual.

Back in Thailand and Ban Nong Thai again, where these goodies have now begun to ripen.

(2007-10-31) Som Tam with shrimp and Prik-khi-noo.

(2007-11-01) Our daughter Kattaleeya does not appreciate
Swedish oatflake porridge with raspberry jam for breakfast... much as her mother do.

My father-in-law Natee is fetching what he caught in his fish traps...

The catch of the day was one big fish, some small fishes and a number of freshwater crabs.

Kattaleeya and her cousin Dollapon eat Jam Wun-Sehn and Gueyteow.

(2007-12-03) After two trips to Thailand I have noticed that they don't spice the food hot enough.
As my third trip should last be for 7 weeks, I brought some samples of my own hot sauces.
Here I have supplemented my mother-in-law's spice shelf with nine different HotChili-Mike's.

(2007-12-04) Waritsara deepfrying fish...

...which is getting a sourish sting of habanero and cranberry by a dash of HotChili-Mike's Friendly Fire.

(2007-12-10) Ka-Nun is one of the good Thai fruits you never find in the
Swedish food stores.

Bpla Tad (fried fish), Tom Kah Gai (chicken and lemon grass soup with coconut milk)
four different chili sauces - Nam Prik Ka Pi, Nam Prik Bpla Yang, Nam Prik Pao
och Prik Nam Bpla, Tom Bpla Raa Bpla Duc (soup of siamese catfish) and
Gäng Som Pak Gad Sai Bpla (a vegetable soup with fish).

(2007-12-14) Tomorrow it will be big party because one of Waritsara's
sisters shall get married...

...and many relatives have come today to help with the cooking.

I am also helping, among other things, to pick over a lot of Prik chi-fah.

(2007-12-31) Tonight is New Year's Eve, and now we will have a party again.
A suckling pig roasted slowly...

...and lots of other food is cooked. Among other things Nam Bpla Hvann (with pineapple, peanuts
and red onion) and Pad Wun Sehn (glass noodles with shrimp, squid and vegetables).

In the evening, they bring out buckets of hot coals and pans (gràtà)
where you can fry in the middle and cook around the edge,
so that all the guests themselves can prepare their Mo Gràtà.