My favorite dish, Chicken Wings, I had to make even in Thailand ... here is the recipe for "HotChili-Mike's Ban Nong Thai Drunken Wings"

10 - 11 December 2007

After having purchased all the necessary ingredients on the market...
...I begun to chop lots of Prik-khi-noo.

After some hard work with the mortar... mother-in-law laughes and comes with a blender!
It makes the further work with the marinade much easier.
I cut the pineapple into bite-sized pieces...

...add all the other ingredients in and mix for a while.

The marinade is poured over the chicken wings and the whole set in the fridge for at least 24 hours.

The next day, I have only to deepfry the wings. But I clean the wings from the marinade before
frying them, to avoid the marinade residues getting burned, all the flavor has nonetheless
already penetrated deep into the wings.
If you are cooking up the leftover marinade for a short while,
it becomes an excellent sauce to use with almost all kinds of food.

My father-in-law, Natee, looking suspiciously at the chicken wings...
Will he dare to try when I had so much Prik-khi-noo in the marinade?

HotChili-Mike's Ban Nong Thai Drunken Wings

2 kg Chicken Wings

3 hg Prik-Khi-Noo (small hot Thai chili - red and green)
1 small Pineapple (really ripe and sweet)
10 cm Galanga
75 g Cilantro with the root
2.5 dl Soy Sauce (Golden Mountain or other Thai)
1,5 dl Regency Thai Brandy
1.5 dl Limejuice (fresh)

Cut the pineapple in 2 cm pices, chop the chili, the cilantro and
the garlic. Peel the galanga and slice it in 1 mm slices.
Mix all marinade ingredients in a blender for about 5 minutes or
until you have a rather thin marinade free from chunks.
Cover the wings with marinade and put them in the refrigerator for
24 hours. This long time is needed to get the brandy taste all the
way in to the bones.
Deep fry the wings until the skin gets crispy but not burnt.


10 December 2007, in Ban Nong Thai, Thailand.
© HotChili-Mike