All these small restaurants...
20 September 2007 - 17 January 2008

My first encounter with Waritsara's family, after they met me at the airport,
began with a good dinner at a seafood restaurant in Pattaya.

All of these tasty little dishes in a restaurant in Kabin Buri.

A weekend excursion with half the family to Ayuttaya.
A dinner for 18 people costs no more than a few hundred Swedish kronor...

...even if we ate more dishes than I was able to count.

I just do not understand how one can prefer pizza...
...when there's so much good Thai food everywhere.

At this pizzeria we paid a fixed price per salad bowl no matter how little or much you took... Waritsara thought it was best to equip us properly.

In Thailand, the pizzas are almost as expensive as in Sweden,
so the girls took the chanse to splurge when I paid...

Lots of good food in Bangkok...
and my shirt is already becoming too small for my belly.

Waritsara's brother Viniy and his wife Nongkran took us to a small restaurant in Kabin Buri,
where they make delicious Som Tam. The first time, it had not quite the right heat,
even though I had ordered Som Tam "Pet-Pet".

The second time it was a little hotter... but I still had to ask for extra chili.

All the dishes tasted very good.

...but third time finally... I got a Som Tam which was so hot that I could hardly eat it.
It was just to put a good face and eat, as I had said that I wanted
my Som Tam very hot.
Look how happy the girls who owned the restaurant were, when they managed
to get the "Mad Swede" to almost choke on chili.

This little pavement restaurant in Bangkok had only one table and four chairs,
but served wonderful food.

Inside this market hall in Bangkok, there were several restaurants...
...and so many dishes to choose from so it was hard to decide.

In the end, however, we have made our choice: Gaeng Gati Nao Mai Sai Gai (curry with chicken feet),
Tom Ka Tao Gai (soup of chicken feet), Pad Pet Bpla Muek Sai Tua (stir-fried squid with chilli,
green beans, mushrooms and minced pork), Pad Prik Bpla Tad Grob (fried fish with onions,
chilli and chives) Lab Moo (fried pork liver, shredded rind and spices) and Yam Bpla (fish salad).

A wonderful meal for a such a low price that, when you are used to Swedish prices,
you have difficulties believing it.

Another good meal in Bangkok.

A restaurant in Kabin Buri. Here it is only to choose which ingredients you want cooked...
and then sit down and wait for the meal to be served.

As usual, I have to bring my own Prik-Khi-Noo to spice up the food.

This restaurant is locally famous for its fish dishes...
This is a wonderfully crispy Bpla Tad Gratiem (fried fish with garlic)...

...which we enjoy together with Waritsara's sister Nongyao and her family.

Because the food is so good and we can still get a little bit more down before we are completely full...
...we order in some Bpla Tad Prik (deep fried fish with chilli).
It is even more delicious than the previous fish dish.

Kiss, kiss...

Now we are almost too full... and the plates are empty...

...but the cat who patiently waited under the table is happy when it can feast on some of our leftovers.

A good and quite hot Som Tam, which I enyojed in Watthana Nakhon...

...along with a lot of other good food...

...and nice company.

Dollapon tasted my Som Tam... but it was apparently a little too hot.

Back in Bangkok, we found a restaurant that serves the tastiest
seafood dishes. On the counter are baskets of shrimp, squid and mussels
just waiting to be cooked.

Guey Teaw Moo Log-Chint (ricenoodle soup with pork meatballs),
in another small Bangkok restaurant.

A noodles and salad restaurant at the market near the bus terminal in Kabin Buri.

We went to an amusement park one evening
and they served a lot of tasty food from the small market stalls...
...e.g. grilled squid on a stick and...

...candy in the form of roasted crickets, larvae, etc.